Ben Newton

About Me

With two decades of front-end development expertise under my belt, I've spearheaded web projects that have been pivotal to the logistical and business operations of a multimillion-dollar distribution enterprise. My tenure there was marked by crafting innovative web applications that became the backbone of warehouse and business workflows, while simultaneously nurturing the growth of their e-commerce ecosystem across various B2B and B2C platforms.

In recent years, my leadership has been instrumental in guiding development teams to deliver high-traffic websites, serving the vanguards of the travel industry. From luxury cruise lines to renowned resorts and flagship airlines, my projects have enhanced digital experiences for millions of users. Additionally, I've championed the front-end development of e-commerce sites for prominent retail brands like Oakley and Bridgestone, marrying aesthetics with functionality to drive user engagement and sales. My approach is deeply collaborative, ensuring that design integrity and technical deliverability go hand in hand, optimizing team dynamics, and steering projects to exceed business objectives with elegance and precision.

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