Ben Newton

Ben Newton


My first role at @SR_ (formerly Razorfish) I was on-site at Oakley and help implement Find on-line and pick up in store for on their SAP Hybris Platform. I helped coordinate the front end development of the e-commerce updates and lead an offshore team, did code reviews and helped with releases.

I worked with designers and Project Managers to formulate estimates. We implemented new designs for the front end for the cart and checkout pages for desktop and mobile experiences.

I was kept on for the remainder of the year and on site to manage their Front End Team and help with site maintenance leading to the holiday season.

I implemented changes that allowed front end developers to use ES6 and utilize Babel.

I also worked on Oakley’s Law Enforcement and Military Site helping add additional commerce functionality. I worked with SAP Hybris Architects daily and formulated plans as well as helped with releases for both production sites.

Role: Lead Front End Developer/Architect @SR_

Tools Utilized:

  • Browserify
  • jQuery
  • ES6/ES2016
  • Grunt
  • Babel
  • LESS
  • YouTube API
  • HTML5 Video