Ben Newton

Ben Newton


I designed and developed a European Booking Site for Enterprise Rent-a-car. The site was written utilizing an Angular Front end and connected via SOAP/XML to a proprietary API on the back end for booking info. After choosing the location, dates and car from our site, the customer would be seamlessly handed off to continue the flow on the main Enterprise site for their country.

Related to this project, I created a framework for the designers to create dynamic HTML5 banners that would show content based on search terms and the country searched by the end user. These banners would deep link to the European Enterprise site above with the info known from the banner already selected.

I built a script that allowed us to deploy updates to the site to AWS S3 with a simple CLI and clear the cache on Cloudfront making for easy and quick updates.

Six versions of the site were deployed for different European destinations and in 4 different languages. We could deploy one or all depending on our needs.

Role: Lead Developer/Architecht @WMI

Platform: AngularJS

Tools Utilized:

  • AWS S3
  • AngularJS